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Career History

Creative, strategic, and detail-oriented graphic designer with experience in and expert knowledge of print and web design. Strengths include photo retouching, typography, grid systems, ideation, and effective usage of the design principles when developing outputs. Exceptional collaborator and a dynamic team player. Strong written and verbal communication abilities. Effective time-management and problem-solving skills, and accustomed to performing quickly in deadline-driven environments.

Book Design

March 2019 - April 2020

  • Organized and directed a two-day photo shoot, then executed extensive photo retouching of the resulting images. 

  • Utilized core knowledge of grid systems, typesetting, and negative space to complete the 375-page large-format coffee table book. 

Web Design

June 2017 - Present

  • Built a new website for a 30-unit apartment complex. 

  • The website went live five days ahead of schedule and delivered a 68% increase in site visits and a 130% increase in active lead rental inquiries. 

Design Consultant

October 2019 -
January 2020

  • Last minute edits and improvements based on my skills in typography and layout design resulted in an elevated page composition. 

  • Completed the upload of the magazine to the website two days ahead of schedule. 

General Manager

August 2014 -
November 2016

  • Outlined site policies and optimal work and safety procedures.

  • Mentored junior team members to improve performance and boost confidence, which increased positive job satisfaction responses.

  • Maintained operational efficiency with proactive oversight and corrections directly resulting in a decrease in overhead costs. 

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